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Dveri Pax

We are settled in the middle of the wine-growing hills of North-eastern Slovenia and we have a long tradition of wine production which dates back to the 13th century. This has given us knowledge, which allows us to say that we are one of the trendsetters for quality wine production in the country.
We grow our grapes in a nature-friendly manner. We pick the grapes by hand, gently separate them from the stalks, and then successfully combine our knowledge, experience and tradition with the state-of-the-art technology for wine production.

The results of the maturation process are wines distinguished by a beautiful harmony of freshness, soft fruity taste and the quality of each variety. The most important feature of all our wines, however, is their exceptional drinkability.

Because of the topographical features, our wines – which combine high quality, Slovenian identity, regional culture and the ambience of the vintner castle of Jarenina – are produced in the world-famous vineyards near Maribor, Ljutomer-Ormož and Radgona-Kapela. We aim to work in harmony with nature and tradition whilst always following with keen interest the latest developments in wine production.

Dveri Pax wines are produced at the former Jarenina Castle, which was once used as a wine cellar by the Admund monastery and today serves as the venue for wine tastings and other events.

The cellar offers a storage capacity of 400 thousand litres of wine, 100 thousand of which can be stored in oak barrels. In Jarenina, wines were first produced by the Benedictines already in the year 1139.

Our selection of first-class wines is rapidly gaining international attention and acclaim. A series of prestigious prizes (Decanter World Wine Awards London, AWC Vienna) attest to the tireless, painstaking work undertaken in our vineyards, and underline our commitment to remaining one of the leading producers of outstanding traditional and regional wines.

We invite every wine connoisseur or wine lover to discover the world of our exquisite wines and savour the unique ambience of the castle while enjoying a nice wine tasting session. We look forward to your visit.