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Winery house Horvat

As a family we have been closely connected with the vine and its fruits for a long time. After all it makes conditional wine tradition centuries-long on this soil. Earlier generations cultivated the vineyards on many different locations in Haloze. The destiny wanted that our trademark started to develop through the purchase of the family estate in Počehova pri Mariboru in 1960.
We are liable to continue the heritage of the vintage and careful way of production and wine care and at the same time we continue with present knowledge.
All essence, wine existence is in the vine. We are here just to care it, to respect it and understand it, what offers us in the circumstances of the case. All our trouble in the vineyard is repaid by the grapes. For this reason grapes is a fruit of vine, which contains – to us still lot of un researched – soil characteristics, more than thousand years old and simultaneously the influence of annual weather conditions.
This is the reason that every vintage of the wine is unique, individual and non-recurring. Our wish is to preserve the taste of grapes, its aromatic, and classification in the smell of wine as in its taste. This wish is our annual challenge for us.